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Your one-stop destination for premium quality, custom-designed paper cups

Why Choose Us

We offer custom designs and mass productions for paper cups


Single Wall Paper Cups

From 2.5oz to 36oz and even bigger sizes. We can provide custom designs for all you need.


Double Wall Paper Cups

Two Layer Paper Cups, help you to prevent hot and cold


Ripple Wall Paper Cups

Ripple designs help you to hold hot and cold drinks



Lids, Straws, Sleeves for our paper cups. All you need, we can provide both custom designs and mass productions.

Our Detailed Production Processes

For your better understanding what we can do and know more about your orders, follow us to learn more about production processes of paper cups


Raw Materials

We start with the finest raw materials - high-quality paper that forms the basis of every cup we produce



We apply a PE or PLA coating to the paper, ensuring a durable and sturdy cup. We're proud to offer a plastic-free coating option as well, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.



The heart of our operation is custom printing. We collaborate closely with our customers to print their unique designs on the cups, turning an ordinary paper cup into a canvas for brand expression.



The printed paper is then skillfully cut and shaped into its final form, combining modern technology with skilled craftsmanship to ensure a high-quality product.



Finally, the cups are packed for delivery. We offer both standard and custom packaging options, tailored to our customers' needs and preferences.



Finally, the orders will be stored in warehouse and waiting for picking up.

See Our Certificates

Our products have passed stringent audits and earned multiple certifications, meeting SGS, FDA, and ISO standards for top quality.

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