Are paper cups difficult to recycle after use?

For many people, drinking coffee from disposable paper cups is part of everyday life. However, it is still a common misconception that paper cups are difficult to recycle after use. Overall, more than 80% of paper and cardboard packaging is collected for recycling in Europe, making paper and cardboard the most recycled packaging material in Europe. Collecting paper cups for recycling has great potential because, contrary to what many people think, they can be recycled in existing recycling processes.

Gainyo’s goal is to achieve a full cycle of its products. All materials are made from renewable wood fibers and are designed and tested for recyclability. The cardboard material of paper cups is no exception. In fact, paper cups can and should be recycled after use for two reasons. First, it would further reduce their climate impact by more than half. Second, recycled paper cups capture high-quality fibrous material and give it a second life in various end uses, enabling a circular bioeconomy.

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