Are you interested in plastic free paper products?

In order to meet the requirements of the global ban on plastic products, Gainyo Technology Co., Ltd. increases the production of the highest quality paper products for those who need biodegradable disposable paper products, including paper cups,paper plates, paper boxes, paper cup lids, paper straws, etc. Made from plastic-free paper, these products are designed to reduce environmental pollution, protect the planet from destruction and improve people’s quality of life.

For our plastic-free paper products, we use a water-based barrier coating solution to disperse biodegradable additives (ethylene-methacrylate metal salts) into water and penetrate into the paper, then all additives in the liquid are removed by the base paper Absorbent, no PE/PLA/PBS coating, zero plastic. These products can be disposed of in any commercial or public recycling bin after use.

We can produce in this new solution: leak-proof paper bowls and lids for soups, salads, rice, sushi, vegetables, paper cup lids for coffee, beverages, hot and cold beverages, etc. White cardboard, kraft paper and bamboo paper materials are all well made.

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