Biodegradable Disposable Tableware: A Sustainable Solution for Your Business

At Gainyo Technology Co., Ltd., we have been a leading manufacturer of biodegradable disposable tableware for over 14 years. Our product line includes disposable paper cups, paper plates, paper boxes, bagasse tableware, cornstarch tableware, kraft paper tableware, wooden & bamboo tableware, and more.

Our biodegradable tableware is a sustainable solution for businesses looking to reduce their impact on the environment. With the increase in plastic pollution, it is more important than ever to choose products that are plastic-free and can be safely returned to the earth. Our biodegradable tableware is made from natural, renewable materials that can be easily broken down by the environment, making them a great alternative to traditional plastic products.


There are many benefits to using biodegradable tableware in your business. Here are 10 advantages of choosing Gainyo’s biodegradable tableware:

 1. Protects the environment: Traditional plastic tableware can take hundreds of years to decompose, while our biodegradable tableware can break down in just a few months. This means less waste in landfills and a reduced carbon footprint for your business.

 2. Reduces plastic pollution: Single-use plastic products contribute significantly to plastic pollution, which is a major problem for our oceans and wildlife. By choosing biodegradable tableware, you can help to reduce plastic pollution and protect the planet.

 3. Many of our products are compostable, meaning they can be broken down into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to grow new plants. This helps to close the loop on waste and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.

 4. Sustainable manufacturing: We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and use eco-friendly practices in our factory. From sourcing renewable materials to minimizing our energy use, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.

 5. Safe for food contact: Our tableware is safe for food contact and meets all necessary regulations, so you can be confident in the quality of our products.

 6. Versatile: Our biodegradable tableware is suitable for a variety of applications, including restaurants, cafes, events, and more.

 7. Durable: Despite being made from natural materials, our tableware is strong and durable, able to hold up to hot and cold foods.

 8. Customizable: We offer OEM/ODM services and can customize our products to meet your specific needs, including size, shape, and branding.

 9. Convenient: Our biodegradable tableware is easy to use and dispose of, making it a convenient choice for busy businesses.

 10. Aesthetic appeal: Our tableware is available in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to choose products that match your business’s style and aesthetic.

By choosing Gainyo’s biodegradable tableware, you can do your part to support sustainable, plastic-free living and contribute to a healthier planet. Our factory is dedicated to producing high-quality, environmentally-friendly products that meet the needs of businesses around the world. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future.

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