Choose A Green Life

Choose to live green and consider using biodegradable tableware. These tableware are made from biodegradable materials, including 80% cornstarch and 20% green filler. They can be directly composted. We produce cornstarch tableware, including cornstarch lunch boxes, cornstarch dinner plates, cornstarch bowls, cornstarch cups, cornstarch knives forks and spoons, etc.

Cornstarch Lunch Box

Wood cat litter that is made from wood is also naturally degradable. It is generally made from recycled wood and pine appears to be the favorite given that it has terrific natural smell absorbency. However, nearly all softwood litters are extremely absorbent and have natural odor control. This makes it because there is no need to include any chemicals making it a great natural item that can be used.

Another option is for you to purchase a set or more of resuable cups and plates so that you can utilize them over and over again. When you have a business and you can clean them later and utilize them again next time, all you need to do is take them out of the cupboard. This not only saves the environment, but it likewise saves you cash in the long run.

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