Choosing environmentally friendly and biodegradable paper food packaging is undoubtedly the most correct choice

Paper food packaging made of paper cardboard and PLA is not only convenient, beautiful, economical, and applicable, but also has the advantages of easy recycling, lightweight, sustainable resources, and renewable.

environmentally friendly and biodegradable Paper Cup

For a long time, paper food packaging has been in the leading position in China’s food packaging industry. In recent years, under the advocacy of a low-carbon economy and green environmental protection, paper food packaging has gradually become a popular trend in the world. Paper packaging has become the most promising packaging product in the packaging industry, especially biodegradable and compostable paper cups with LIDS and food-grade paper bowls made of environmentally friendly cardboard coated with PLA. At present, most countries have implemented plastic restriction order, and comprehensive development of biodegradable paper products.

At present, Gainyo paper products packaging mainly includes paper cups, paper bowls, paper plates, paper straws, paper cup covers, etc., which are widely used in all kinds of food packaging. Its excellent and durable structure and performance, exquisite printing and modeling have become an important factor for merchants to enhance the market competitiveness of products and brands.

Paper Cup with Handle

With the improvement of land transfer, agricultural intensification, and rural urbanization in China, food paper packaging will bring a huge market increment to the packaging industry. At the same time, environmental pollution and resource depletion are seriously disturbing the economic development of our country, and developing a green and low-carbon economy is increasingly urgent. Choosing Gainyo’s biodegradable, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly paper packaging is undoubtedly the biggest advantage.

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