How Can We Protect The Environment In Our Daily Life

Soap nuts come from the soap berry tree which grows wild throughout the Indian sub-continent. Although described as soap nuts they are not nuts at all but theexternal shell of the cherry sized berry which the tree produces.

These shells contain high levels of saponins (the active soap component) which make them slightlysticky and damp to feel. They are light to dark brown in colour, have no odor and are rather enjoyable to take a look at. Prized for centuries in India for theircleaning residential or commercial properties they were as soon as used to clean pricey silks.

Biodegrable is a term that is simply about all over. However what is very weird is that the term is placed on products that will take almost a century to biodegrade! Plastic bags, for instance, that bring the biodegradable term are not actually transparent disposable biodegradable straws, are they?

This is always a cool and low-cost date. Going to your local farmer’s market is a terrific method to broaden your love for food and support your local food growers. There are constantly various types of seasonal vegetables and fruits to try. 

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