Plastic Containers Are Marked With A Code Indicating Whether They Can Be Recycled

You have probably seen this code lot of times. Practically all plastic containers are marked with a number inside a triangle that shows the kind of plastic. 

biodegradable lunch box

Customers can then use these details to identify whether that particular plastic can be recycled or not and how to recycle it. To make matters harder, not all areas recycle the very same variety of different types of plastic biodegradable food containers. What can be recycled depends on where you live.

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Set consists of One of each container with a Lid: 16.3 Cups, 11 Cup, 6.75 Cup, 5.5 Cup, 3.7 Cup, 2.87 Cup, 2 Cup & 1.75 Cup, together with 2 3.4 Cup containers with lids. Excellent starter set.

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