Double Wall Paper Cups

Our Double Paper Coffee Cups are crafted from premium double-wall insulated paper, featuring a 300gsm high-quality boxboard for the inner layer and an equally robust outer material – an ideal canvas for showcasing your logo with pride. Offering both style and functionality, these cups ensure spill-free service for hot beverages, providing your customers with a worry-free experience. Engineered for durability and leak resistance, these coffee cups effectively shield hands from heat, thanks to their poly-lined design, offering comfort and protection against scalding temperatures during handling.

Our custom printing service utilizes color process inks, assuring the safety of the beverages served while catering to diverse customer preferences. Importantly, our inks are free from any harmful chemicals, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for both you and your clientele.

Comprehensive Single-Wall Paper Cup Solutions

Our collection of double-wall paper cups encompasses a range of sizes including 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 22 oz, catering to a diverse array of preferences. Specifically designed for hot beverages such as steaming coffee, aromatic tea, and heated water, our cups deliver exceptional thermal insulation.

We offer the choice of various coatings, including PLA coating and plastic-free coating, reflecting our commitment to accommodating eco-friendly and sustainable options.

Benefiting from over a decade of experience in paper cup manufacturing since 2008, we boast comprehensive production capabilities. Our proficiency extends to producing custom designs and developing new molds to meet your unique specifications. Additionally, our extensive inventory of raw materials empowers us to optimize cost efficiencies and contribute to your bottom line.

First Step
Choose the size and the type you need

Select your preferred size from our range of double-wall paper cups, available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 22 oz options, perfectly tailored for your hot beverage needs, including coffee, tea, and more. Should you require larger cup sizes, we are equipped to accommodate your specific requirements through our comprehensive molding capabilities.

Second Step
Give us the design you need

We leverage your concepts to create brand logos or compelling designs on our cups. Collaborating with our skilled design team is the key to optimizing the effectiveness of your direct printing campaign. We will identify the precise Pantone shade required and ensure its impeccable presentation on paper coffee cups.

Final Step
Mass production and shipping

Preliminary samples will be generated for validation prior to commencing mass production. Upon approval of the samples, the production process will commence leveraging our comprehensive production lines. This enables us to exercise meticulous control over both quality assurance and project timeline. Furthermore, a critical aspect of our operations is the meticulous management of overall costs.

Why Choose Gainyo as your Double Wall Paper Cups Manufacturer

Discover why we’re your best choice for paper cups. With over a decade of experience since 2008, we’ve perfected our craft. Our advanced machines ensure top-notch quality every time.

What makes us stand out? We’re well-stocked with raw materials, allowing us to make great cups while keeping costs down. This means you get top value for your money. When you choose us, you’re not just getting cups – you’re getting a partner that’s all about quality, savings, and expertise.

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