Bulk 22oz PLA Double Wall Paper Cup Extra Large Cups for Hot Beverages Parties Catering

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  • Brand: Gainyo
  • Color: Custom Color
  • Capacity: 22oz
  • Size: 90*60*170 mm
  • Material: Paper
  • MOQ: 20000
  • Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, FDA, BRC, FSC, MSDS, BSCI, DIN, BPI


Dimensions/Packing Details

Product TypeCup Size(mm)Carton Size(cm)Packaging(pieces/carton)
4 oz Double wall paper cup62*45*6031*25*31500
6 oz Double wall paper cup66*47*7535*28*29500
8 oz Double wall paper cup80*56*9241*32.5*46.5500
10 oz Double Wall Paper Cup90*60*9545.5*36*39500
12 oz Double Wall Paper Cup90*58*11045.5*37*47500
16 oz Double Wall Paper Cup90*60*13545*37.5*59.5500
22 oz Double Wall Paper Cup90*60*17045*45*58450



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