The Correct Way To Make A Snow Cone

It is approximated that 65% of the American population drinks coffee. Of those coffee drinkers, it is more approximated that 250 coffee cups each year are tossed away per person. The total is 58 billion discarded coffee cups! You could fill the biggest football stadium worldwide (Michigan Stadium) 50 times with that amount of coffee waste.

Change mineral water in the fridge if you use the last of the supply, or set up to have a new water bottle placed on the cooler if you use the last of it. Similarly, change the paper cup raw material holder if you utilize the last one.

A. Mark your drinks. These clever peel stickers adhere your to consumption (whether it’s glass, bottle, plastic, or disposable cup bottle). Each has various signs so you can determine your drink from the rest. This avoids waste as guests inevitably forget where they set their beverage – all they have to do is remember their sign.

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