Use Environmentally Friendly Paper Cups To Reduce Harm To The Environment

Invented in 1883, paper cups have been a popular option for drinking and eating food since then. However, their popularity has been dwindling due to negative health impacts. 

The environmental impact of using disposable paper cups is quite significant. The manufacturing process for these cups involves many harmful chemicals and processes— some of which are toxic to humans and animals alike. Most plastic cups contain chlorine or bromine in order to tolerate high temperatures without disintegrating or leaking contents all over the place. 

They also contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury due to the hazardous manufacturing processes involved in producing plastic cups. A study found that 93 percent of all fish contain dangerous levels of lead contamination due in part to consuming plastic waste from paper cups along with it’s contents such as crumbs or dip mixers with lead paint on them too! 

In response to this, our company produces environmentally friendly non-toxic reusable cups. These cups are made of food grade paper, but they don’t contain harmful chemicals like toxic plastic cups. 

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