Utilize Plastic Shopping Bags In Various Ways

Sending out printed invitations does not produce a green birthday. Invite guests by phone or e-mail rather. If you can’t bear the idea of not sending paper invites, make some out of recycled paper.

biodegradable plates

Production meats utilize more energy than planting veggies. Veggies benefit you. You can start your veggie garden in your backyard and you won’t need to go to the grocery for veggies. This means less intake of gas going to the shop and avoidance of utilizing plastic as containers for the things you purchased. 

From now on purchase the eggs that can be found in cardboard-style egg containers instead of the Styrofoam variation. Styrofoam takes hundreds of years to decay, whereas you can use the cardboard containers as planters for your seedlings, and get him, you can plant the cardboard because it is biodegradable. Now how’s that for going green!

Your table linen can be of pure cotton, with bamboo placemats. Your focal point can be just made, of gourds, leaves, and nuts. Candles made from soy or beeswax can decorate your table. Washable napkins, biodegradable platesdinnerware, and glassware will add to the appeal of your spread.

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